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 CBD Entourage THC-Free Hemp Extract  Private Label Skincare

Implementation of your CBD Private Label Skincare Brand

After you receive your first shipment of products, our relationship doesn’t stop there! Our highly trained representatives have a first-hand knowledge of your marketplace and customers and can teach you more about product ingredients / client skincare solutions, so that your staff can make the best product recommendations to your clients. This web-based, or hands-on training is invaluable and is what keeps our customers coming back for new products every year.

 Your satisfaction with our products, customer service and continued support are our number one priority.

CBD Entourage  Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Private Label Skincare Products, Wholesale, White Label, B2B Only!
Featuring  PRH Nano emulsion,  Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and TRUE Terpenes specializing in the Entourage Effect.  THC-Free Extract utilizing Nano Particularization Technology and featuring a 24 Month Shelf Life. Full Spectrum Phyto-cannabinoids, Transdermal Bioavalibility. CBD Hemp Extract and Terpenes Wholesale Skincare Products: CBD Therapeutic Balms, CBD Creams, CBD Lotions, CBD Moisturizers, DMSO CBD Roll-On, CBD Serums, Anti-aging CBD Skincare

B.  Ask I Label It to design and apply your CBD Private Label Skincare labels for you!

i Label It CBD Private Label Skincare Products

                             Easy to implement!

Private Label  products are sold  with no minimum order and no

quantity requirements making it easy for small businesses or a single

esthetician  to enjoy the benefits of CBD private label skincare without

exorbitant start-up costs. 

I Label It will facilitate your successful venture into  CBD Private Label

Skincare  products.

Our goal is to simplify the CBD Private Label Skincare implementation process for you and give

you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed with "your" products in days not weeks or months!


Our manufacturing partner operates from an FDA Registered Facility. They have been manufacturing products since 1983 and their facility boasts a full scale research and development department, manufacturing and production center as well as a quality control department. Their time tested experience in the private label skincare business has ensured superb end-results for your finished product line.

Behind them is a veteran product development team and production teams that specialize in high quality ingredients formulated and manufactured utilizing innovative natural science with competitive pricing for a truly competitive product line. The bulk of our formulas meet the Whole Foods Premium Standard for Personal Care Products and are in alliance with the National Products Association. Our formulations include raw materials that are kosher, vegan and/or biodegradable.


We are in service to our customers, our community and our planet. By supporting the following operational procedures and protocols we manufacture the highest quality products combined with unsurpassed customer service and product stability and efficacy:

no animal testing of your CBD Private Label Skincare products.

  •  fda registered
  •  gmp compliant
  •  in-house quality control systems
  •  in-house shelf life testing
  •  kosher certified materials
  •  continued industry education
  •  vegan formulas
  •  natural products association alliance
  •  sustainable raw materials
  •  sustainable practices
  •  recycled packaging, shipping and marketing materials
  •  biodegradable products
  •  women owned and operated
  •  powered with 100% renewable wind energy

Ingredient Deck

We carefully choose natural botanicals of the highest quality, then enhance formulations with actives (ingredients added specifically to produce desired result, i.e. reduce redness or inflammation). Our holistic approach to skin health dictates that our products provide a healthy option to most other products full of empty fillers (water), un-safe, environmentally toxic, skin sensitizing or cancer concerning preservatives, chemicals, dyes and perfumes.

Each and every ingredient in skin holistic is carefully chosen to deliver desired results, increase absorption or naturally and safely preserve the formulations.

We encourage you to discuss the ingredient deck of our products with an i Label It Skincare Account Executive and COMPARE INGREDIENT DECKS!

Is your current skincare product made fresh?  Who is available to explain the ingredient deck to you? Is it a suitable product for your clients skin health needs? Do you have product lines that will grow your business by catering to several skin types?

Our products are created with ingredients that promote skin health. Many are suitable for sensitive and reactive skin types. We carefully choose natural botanicals, then enhance formulations with actives (ingredients added specifically to produce desired result, i.e. reduce redness or inflammation). i Label It formulations produce results without harmful chemicals, dyes, perfumes, paraben, preservatives or petroleum.

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Getting Started
Getting started with i Label It Skincare is an easy 3-step process.

We would be happy to help you select your first products. The process is quick, easy and you can be up and running within a matter of weeks!
Ordering from I Label It is easy.   Just open an  i Label It Account and then proceed to  your first order.  

Your order is created FRESH in small batch production, not pulled off the self after years and years or storage. 

Private Label can be retail ready! You choose.  Attach your own custom label or allow I Label It to create a label for you.

 Your CBD Private Label Skincare products can ship with your custom  label  already on the product!

 All you have to do is put your CBD Private Label Skincare products on the shelf!